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We specialize in proprietary online panels, which means that we do not resell the panelists of other companies. We work actively in adapting and growing our panels. It is constant work as the panels need to match the needs of our clients. We provide both sample only and complete online data collection from scripting to data delivery.

Our online research services:


We believe in quality, speed and excellent service! We have been in the industry since 2003 – we have seen how the panel research has developed throughout the years. We remember the days of doubt and have experienced the days of great growth. We know what the customer is concerned about and we know what they need us to do.:

General demographics
Family and Household

Focus on High Quality

We know that in the core of every panel company is the panel itself. We know what it means to run healthy and active panels. Most of our team members have been in the industry for more than 10 years. Both on the full research and panel provider side. Our staff speaks the local language and is familiar with the local conditions in the region . Due to this, we are able to provide high quality on projects running on our Kenyan panel.

Smart Panel Recruitment

Consumer panels must be representative of the population they measure. We focus on local demographic specifics when building our panels. We also understand how using diverse recruitment sources ensures a representative sample.

Location Verification

The registration forms for each location are available only to those in that area. Individuals using an IP address from a different territory cannot see registration forms from other locations. This helps ensure the true home location of panel members.

Expert Panel Management

Intra Research pays extra attention to providing panel support to all members. Each consumer panel member gets quick feedback in their preferred language to any inquiry via the channel they choose. Low reward redemption levels make earning easy, ensuring high response rates and member retention rates across all panels. Members of online panels have several options to redeem their rewards: payment via PayPal, online vouchers to popular e-commerce sites or donations to charity.

Automatic Response Control

Duplicate and fraudulent profiles are automatically flagged. The system identifies straightliners, speedsters and anyone providing unusable responses to open-ended questions. Everyone who is caught repeating such behavior is deleted from the panel.


We are an online panel specialist providing access to over 3.6 Million consumers in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and APAC region. Our focus is quality, speed and excellent customer service.

Intra Research is a registered trademark