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Why Intra Research ?

We believe in quality, speed and excellent service! We have been in the industry since 2003 – we have seen how the panel research has developed throughout the years. We remember the days of doubt and have experienced the days of great growth. We know what the customer is concerned about and we know what they need us to do.

Global Coverage

Intra Research covers an attractive range of markets. We currently manage proprietary panels in 17 countries. We have chosen the locations carefully based on the feedback from our longtime clients like Dynata, Ipsos etc.

Highest Quality - Guaranteed

We know that in the core of every panel company is the panel itself. We know what it means to run healthy and active online panels. We believe that good panel management is the key to running successful surveys, thus we aim to provide good and fast customer service not only to our clients but also to our panelist.

Adequate Pricing

We have done our homework and we aim to provide competitive pricing in each market where we operate.

Above and Beyond

We know that in this industry there is one thing that matters more than anything else – the ability to deliver what is promised. We go above and beyond to meet the expectation of the clients. We aim to under promise and over deliver.

Experienced Team

Most of our team members have been in the industry for more than 10 years. Nothing beats experience! The project management team at Intra Research works to ensure the highest level of transparency and communication.


We are an online panel specialist providing access to over 3.6 Million consumers in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and APAC region. Our focus is quality, speed and excellent customer service.

Intra Research is a registered trademark